The intent of this weblog is to collect and categorize latest Indian Aerospace & Defense related news and information wherever and whenever it happens. The weblog is updated everyday at around 06:00 AM GMT.

Within a short span of time we have been overwhelmed with the interest that our weblog has garnered across regions especially in India and the United States – one reason why we had to write this ‘About’ page.

In future, we intend to provide the following on our weblog in due course of time:

Downloadble Stuff – Like stats on air-traffic, market share, fleet size of carriers, operational data, key executives, financial and stock performance etc.

Analyst Directory – Providing contact details of analysts who track the market and their area of expertise.

Analyst Articles – Insights written by A&D analysts exclusively for this weblog.

Website Review – In future we would entertain individuals, start-ups et al to submit their website for review by our team. After reviewing their website and their products we would post our review of the same on our weblog. To provide maximum visibility to the reviewed website we would showcase it in the top-right corner of the home page for seven days.

Airline Reviews – Review of various airlines measured on various parameters like pre-departure service, in-flight entertainment, air-fare, in-flight comfort, routes etc. 

Aviation polls – Polls on various A&D related topics, the results of which would be freely available to anyone & everyone.

Best air-fare recommendation – Yet to work out as to how we are going to do this…(see that shows our human side).

And much more to come………….Keep flying….

For any queries or feedback you can reach us at…..: indianaerodef@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Isaac Alexander Says:

    To IndianAeroDef

    Thank you very much for creating an excellent news resource. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    I was wondering if you plan to cover in the future anything to do with Indian Naval Aviation. I know that India is planning on obtaining two new carriers in the future and I was wondering if you had updates to their status. Here’s information I could find about them online.


    On another topic, the website I list above is my personal favorite aerospace blog based out of Singapore. I thought you might enjoy reading it yourself.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.


    Isaac Alexander

  2. bibomedia Says:


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