Ignored by FM, aviation pins hopes on tourism

Disappointed at being left out in the Union Budget, the domestic aviation industry is pinning hopes on deriving benefits from growth in tourism in the country.

Vasudevan Thulasidas, chairman, Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA), said the thrust on investment in the tourism and tourism infrastructure sectors would fetch good dividends to the aviation industry.

“The Budget has allocated Rs 520 crore for development of tourism infrastructure. This, coupled with the tax holiday for two-, three-, and four-star hotels, will drive growth in the tourism industry. Aviation and airlines will benefit from growth in tourism,” the chairman and managing director of Air-India said.

The captains of the industry is grumbling that the aviation industry has failed to catch the attention of the Finance Minister and the Budget. Echoing the general mood, G R Gopinath, managing director, Air Deccan, said,”The initiatives in the tourism sector are a welcome step. But the government could have subsidised the jet fuel for aircraft such as Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 which are connecting more regional locations, thus more passengers.”

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One Response to “Ignored by FM, aviation pins hopes on tourism”

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