HAL’s LCA Tejas Fighters Weaponization to Begin from April 2007

India’s indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas is poised for weaponisation in April, said Dr. PS Subramanyam, Director of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Programme Director for LCA.

The world’s lightest fighter aircraft with state-of-the-art technology would give an impetus to the Indian Air Force in replacing ageing MIGs.

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One Response to “HAL’s LCA Tejas Fighters Weaponization to Begin from April 2007”


    I am glad to know this that we have come nearer to build our own indigeneous tactical fighter aircraft. I support our efforts taken by our scientist for years in the same and strictly oppose the stupid critics by the people having vested insterest for corruption by the some of the so called experts. It is seen that in every country they give induction to home made product easily rather then forien made product. Whatever minus points can be improved with the contineous efforts for the improvements. But it should not be restricted for induction alongwith the fresh purchases, whch can reduce the purchases proportionately according to the effectiveness of the product.

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