2006: A Brilliant Year for the IAF

Mercifully, there was no war to be fought by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 2006, but yet it gathered around itself an aura of achievements in several areas of operation. Flying training to master the deadly sophistication of state-of-the-art machines it proudly possesses—the Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Mirage 2000 et al—and maintenance of all its assets were at their peak during the year. Impressive flight safety records were set and duly announced.

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One Response to “2006: A Brilliant Year for the IAF”

  1. Prof. K.Venkata Rao Says:

    There was a King ruling a country well. One day he asked his minister, Minister how is the country going? How are the people living? Are they getting adequate rains? Are they happy with the taxes and other schemes? and so on and so forth. Minister for all his questions replied with a great positive note as everything is fine.
    Lastly king asked whether our people are safe with our enemies if any. To that Minister told, O’ King there is no enemy for us to fear about.
    Then it struck immediatly to the King, that probably we may not have any enemy from our neighbouring countries, but there may be some wild animals from the neighbouring forests. So he decided to go to forest to hunt the animals for peoples safety. He ordered his great batallion of army and Minister to follow him for hunting. As the King was a great warrior he goes prepared with the bow and arrow ready at his hand to shoot any animal which come across. To his utter surprise no animal came across him. He was deeply worried. He wondered why there is no animals even in our forest to fight? Then he send his battalion to go deep into the forest and drive the animals towards him to shoot at. Where as the army came back and said there were no animals even inside the forest. On hearing the same, King worried and had great disappointment There comes an elderly man who enquired about King’s saddness. King said that there is no animals even to fight I am desperate of my hunting attempt. The elderly man replied O’ King, You should be proud for not having even a cat to bother you or your people.
    Today we Indians have the same sense of feeling. To you and our Indian Airforce our salutes for not able to trace any single enemy around us.
    I witnessed the AeroIndia exibition of many countries marvelous display including India’s. I wonder now do India need F16, F18 and Mig 35 really? Not really. Only people have great enemies nearer and far off need such machines. Any how let us also have something for our boys to play and not to use. How an opt place for this teacher to share this story with you. and the present state of our country.

    Good India

    Prof. K.venkata Rao

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