It’s boom time for Indian air hostesses

As the demand for aircrafts and the hospitality industry is poised to treble by 2009, the Air Hostess Academy, one of India’s leading institutes in aviation and hospitality management, plans to cash in on this trend.

“As aviation and hospitality are the booming industries right now, demand is 7-10 times higher than availability of skilled personnel. Also, in these industries, attrition rate, especially in the junior levels, is about 25 per cent. So there is a constant demand for professionally qualified personnel in these industries,” explained Akash Gupta, chief operating officer of AHA.

Moreover, in the domestic market itself, about 30 people are required on each aircraft. As demand for aircrafts is expected to reach 900 by 2009, from 350 at present, one can imagine the kind of job opportunities this would open up, informed Gupta.

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