India ready to fire BrahMos missile from submarine

India is almost ready with its undersea launch version of the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile and wants the Navy to help in preliminary test trials by the end of the year.

The Navy’s help is being sought as the DRDO lacks a platform to undertake tests of the submarine-launched Brahmos missile. The Indian Navy’s present fleet of just upgraded Kilo class submarines do not have the capability to testfire such missiles which will put India among the few countries who have the capability to launch underwater supersonic missiles.

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3 Responses to “India ready to fire BrahMos missile from submarine”

  1. gurpreet Says:

    i think india will not go for german subs in their second submarine deal after scorpene deal.what india wants to get technology
    to build their own submarine.for this they are getting technology with scorpene deal which will be built in mumbai.

    india wants to have sea launched cruise missile capability for this they will go
    for amur class submarine they will not buy german u214 and russia will not allow germans to come close to their missile technology to fit brahmos in german subs as india seeking a sub which can fire sea launched brahmos missile.

    if they wanted to buy u214 they could do this rather than buying scorpene from france.

    i think if they wanted AIP they could simply go for u214 which germans offering in 30% less, but they want technology transfer they get it with scorpene.

    probably india is working with russia for amur class submarine which is not publicly told because it provides both things

    (1) an AIP for which india is working with russia if they were not working with russia they could simply go for german subs rather than scorpene.

    (2) to have the capability to launch underwater brahmos missiles.

    amur class subs are cheaper than french/german subs.

    russia can also transfer technology for these subs,as india is ready to fire underwater brahmos missile.

    with transfer of technology they can now overcome for future costly and painful refit and upgrades on subs because now they can do this by their own and able to build their own subs.

    i do not know that germans were willing to transfer that much technology

    also india is working with russia for AIP rather than going costly western AIP and germans don’t provide missiles with subs.

    so with scorpene they get transfer of technology and with amur they get capability for underwater supersonic brahmos missle and a russian AIP.

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