Another feat for Isro; India enters elite satellite club

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) regained its self-confidence and won back the trust of the country with a textbook launch of PSLV-C7. The 295-tonne satellite launch vehicle, on Wednesday, put four payloads, including foreign satellites, into their intended polar orbit 635 kilometers above earth – 19 minutes after the launch vehicle blast off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The successful launch comes exactly six months after the failure of GSLV-F02, which had to be destroyed mid-air after it veered from its pre-determined trajectory on July 10, 2006.

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One Response to “Another feat for Isro; India enters elite satellite club”

  1. avatar singh Says:

    indo american nuclear deal to mortgage indian’s future.

    JUne 1998.

    Why is India so keen to sign rubbish discriminating treaty?_

    Before the govt. of india and the self respect lacking elite of
    India start any seroious discussion with anybody(more so with india’s enemy
    like u.s.a.)on nuclear treaty ,it must declare what it has in mind and
    ask for peoples’ mandate in way of refrendrum.After all in u.s.a. the presidents have been elected on hawkish pro-nuclear
    programme and even a third rate country like u.k. had elected three times her prime minister
    on pro-nuclear issue. These same west nations preach others to be pacifists. If it was good enough
    for them then it is good enough for India to ask her people directly on such a matter of national security.
    Foreign policy is not done on basis of personal friendship.Who is this Jaswant singh to talk about our nuclear disarmament?
    Those who talk of economic benefit are eluding themselves.America want to unarm India and others
    exactly so that it can impose his exploitative(anglo-saxon and not western)economy.In that model of
    anglo-saxon econmy lies this basic principle-Support your own profit(swadeshi) and take from other countries the
    goods at minimum price.That is why they support theier own rotten ,viral infecxted beef(with no self of foreign meat);
    not buy Japenese cars unless manufactured in their country. That is also why imf is very keen to devalue others currency so that these anglosaxpons country can buy foreign goods cheap and pay little for it.
    Todays’ world is full of economic ruins by those who kissed the poisoned hands of america and u.k.Remember India did have very healthy trade
    balance with west before colonization not by selling much but by selling at high price.So signing nuclear treaty against Indian interest
    would for ever enslave India to tose countries like usa and u.k. who have always been anti-india. Not that they like pakistan or for that matter any europen country
    . This is all anglo-american plot to take over the world. Unless India and others realize it and act accordingly, they are in for long duration of slavery.
    This not an alarmist scenerio, it is the real picture and Indians are kidding themselves if they
    think india has a single friend unless herself.Do you so relationship to
    even your cousins if they are powerless and thus poor? We ar not even their cousin.
    People of India must demand refrendum on this secretive treacherous talk.


    June 1998.

    Indian anglophile class -especially indian english language media -is a race of Coolies and traitors.
    the same class of indians who are doing propaganda agasinty china today are the same people who forced rajiv gandhi in 1987 to make friendship with china(and recognise tibet as part of china) why-? because the usa had ben friend with china since 1984 and wanted india tobe friend too as opposed to russia.-therefore the indian parasite class foll=made the idnian foreing policy viz china not to suit india but to suit american interests-itis doing the same but in revere dirtection because their angloamerican masters want them to do it.

    Congratulations to pakistan also for having exploded atomic bomb like India rightly did!

    History is
    full of nations much poorer, improving themselves first by making themselves militarily victorious
    ,by fair or foul means,over much richer and superior civilizations. That is exactly how
    a race of pirate turned shopkeepers that is England and America made themselves rich.That is also why these pirate race of anglo-americans want to keep the ill gotten advantage by denying othersany means to get power or independence.That is the philosophy of nato.Who bothered about America before it stole Nuclear Technology from Germans? The other prominent makers of first atomic bomb were Italians and Hungarians,and thir country does not posses nuclear weaopn.From Americans who stole the technology did the british steal it.America also stole from the Germans Rocket and missiles technology.Now they want to make world astand still as it was in late ’91s through self drafted this pact and that pact.Now they want others not to have the same technology. In the same way the british stole Tea production technology , china making tech and what not from China.How much the british tea companies and british china making ones like royal daulton paying royalty to China?none!But they want others to pay for rubbish tech of ’60s retrospectivelly!! In fact even France is fed up with this cancerous anglo-american push to sell,indtead of much better Fernch food,rather rubbish tasteless food of anglo-saxons processed food industy which pushes for rotten and infected food like british beef. India should have sided with France and China to push for common interests.But India chose,under pressure from Anglophile english paper reading minority,to succumb to Low quality rubbish anglo-american products. And Pakistan
    understands this duplicity and is not afraid to disturb that cosy arrangement of these anglo-american shopkeepers.
    As for Bhutto saying that they will rather eat grass than not have bomb,
    they have full filled that ambition when their prime minister asked pakistanis to
    be prepared to even save in eating.Contrast that with response of Indian english knowing
    class and their agents as represented by Indian english papers whose only worry
    was that so called liberalization does not get stuck off.In fact Indian
    atomic arsenal is necessary so that a country like america(whose infra-structure
    know how and technology is much inferior to that of Germany,France and Italy) does not force
    India(as it has been doing for some time) to accept third grade tech, and rubbish so called consumer goods .And here there are these english papers in India who were urging andia to give quick and special rebates
    to americans .Those very americans who have always and will always act against India
    and Indian interests.In fact America and britain(who really governs american foreing ,defence and economic policy)will always support pakisatan not be4cause they love pakis,on the contraire,but because for them pakisatan is an ideal means to poke and put a thorn on the body of India. These english papers and all cheap things that
    they represent talk of India doing all those things that is already known to be agenda of american and british for India.It is no surprise.
    The english media and so called westernized Indians are the voluntary (and sometimes paid) agents of foreign interests.They do not represent western interest either : they represent anglo-american interests which is an interest
    of exploitation and by the sopkeepers race(anglo-americans) with not a single
    drop of culture or taste. And one of these english papers was saying,when camparing India with pakistan than India has a large number of english speaking population(as if that was a positive thing even if it were true!) forgetting to add that
    despite that those countries who consider themselves english speaking(and they do not include in that anyone but their own shopkeepers race of anglo-saxons)never at anytime have given value to Indians while always giving all help to (less english speaking!) Pakistan. Only thing
    is India lose out on translators who would have been recruited from amonst Hindi speaking peoples!.(most of indians).
    In fact these english speaking countries consider these english speakingIndians as coolies-which in fact they are.And pakistanies have refused themselves to be relegated to the status of coolies.Because they have self respect which these english media peoples(in India) have not got.Ten years ago the president of Ficci,an industry organisation and darling of Indian english media had demanded of Govt. of Indiato reduce armed forces(at height of kashmir and Punjab insurrection) and give free reign to foreign firms.And that sort of demand became a reality when Manmohan singh became
    finance minister and narsingh Rao succemed to american pressure to not
    only not test atom bomb but also pack up Agni missiles programmes. All the things that a
    foreign enemy country would have demanded and america di demand. It is no surprise .Because
    Manmohan singh, narsingh rao and all english media (who supported that illegal minority govt.with out mandate to bring fundamental change in India’s self reliability)-asll these creaures were and will
    continue to be agents of foreign interests-paid or otherwise(resulting from their cooliness or in other words from their deep sense of inferiority complex).Thes creatures must be ferreted out from
    political,economic and social power that they have misappropiated.In fact it would be better if these creatures
    are sent to Pakistan who knows how to treat such sort of traitors. A govt. first duty is to protect her citizens from external and internal danger. These elites oppose that. At the same time naturally
    these parasitic elites also oppose the main obligation of a citizen to the govt.-that is to give taxes.In fact only by the right of taking taxes is the govt.recognignized.If India has 200 millions of middle class,as these english indian media always talk about,then where is the corresponding income tax revenue to the Govt. of India?But these english reading population is the biggest tax evader any where in the world.
    But What the Prime minister Mr. Bajpaye does? He ,in stead of attacking previous congress govt. and Janta Dal govt.(whose Gujral and Mulayam singh are disgrace to India having created nearly a revolt
    in Indian Army)-He becomes apologtic and agrees to put self memoratorium. Instead of testing much bigger Hydrogen momb of such magnitude that 2 or 3 of them would be sufficient to destroy whole of pakistan,He
    simply backs down on western pressure and pressure from western agents like english media in india and pressure from those peoples whose vote bank is peoples of dubious loyalty. Ofcourse that big hydrogen bomb would
    be neede ,noyt to be used but to provide deterrence_that is the purpose of atomic weopon.But this Prime minister is
    so much eager to please foriegn anglo-american countries(true enemiy of India) that he adrres Parliament not in his language but in english.That is why in recent rally of child labourers (children of 4 to 14 yers)-who could not even get primary education-
    was addressed by the leaders in India in english.That is how much India has become a nation
    of coolies and hangers on rather than develop any leader ship quality with confidence. And that is why george Fernances-not a friend of america-started making China a villain in the hope of appeasing America-number one enemy of India. Wht Gerge should have said,and what he has realized too late,
    is that if others can keep nuclear missiles then so can India.And matter ends there.BUt no. he had
    to appease real enemy of India-which are America and England-by annoying an asian super power.
    Now what is the solution after this mess up.? First India has to devewlop long range nuclear missiles
    and nuclear submarine ,able to attack America,so that India can deal with all sorts of challenge and not repeat
    blackmail of Irak by anglo-american counties. And it has to rely on Herself.Give less social or economic position
    to english lovers. Secondly India has to deveop bigger Hydrogen bomb-The previos test cdone in one go are not enough.Pakistan does not care about others’s opinion; India also needs confidence.
    Thirdly India should agree to hand over Kashmir(which is gone within 10 years anyway) with
    forcefull tranfer of muslim Population from India to kashmir and pakistan of those who are co-religionists of pakistan but living in India.
    That will cut the bottom of so called secularists-who must also be sent forcibly to Pakistan and they willpreach secularism to pakistanies. As for the likes of Manmohan singh,Narsingha rao,Mulayamsingh yadavand their kinds-They must be beaten to death by a lynching mob so that in future nobody(and especialyy english lovers) will
    ever dare to do so much harm to India.

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