India’s Moon Project to Transport Energy to Earth

Exploring the possibility of transporting Helium 3,the richest source of energy found on the moon, to the earth and converting it for energy production will be one of the focus areas of the Chandrayan Mission, a senior ISRO official said.

“Space scientists are working on it and Chandrayan series will be continued to find out the potential of the moon and its use for mankind,” Dr K N Shankara, Director, ISRO Satellite Centre, said.

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One Response to “India’s Moon Project to Transport Energy to Earth”

  1. mydigest Says:

    The name of our planet is ‘Earth’ spelt as the proper noun that it is. Only vitriolic and mentally-dysfunctional space-scientists, opposed to the idea that human-spaceflight is needed to complement robotic-spaceflight in order to explore and extend our habitat off Earth into other parts of System-Sol, spell Earth as earth. As for our twin planet Selene (as I like to call her) if people decide to refer to her as a moon I wish they would write ‘Moon’. Cy Quick ay

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