Master plan for Coimbatore Airport expansion on the cards

A master plan for the expansion of the Coimbatore Airport at a cost of Rs 57 crore in 18 months is under implementation, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) Chairman, K. Ramalingam, said on Thursday. Dr Ramalingam was here to review the performance of the airports in the southern region.

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16 Responses to “Master plan for Coimbatore Airport expansion on the cards”

  1. Vijaykumar R Says:

    The proposed expansion of Coimbatore Airport is going to bring big unrestamong the people residing adjasant to the Airport. The articles in the paper indicates that AAI had asked the Govt to acquire land around 350 Acres for future expansion and modernisation.Where such volume of vacant land available. The acquession of residental houses earmarked for expansion plan has already created a strong objection amoung the residental localities. The momentum has gained in formation of the association for oposing this plan and soon you can see the people on roads in agitation in a big way. Hence if the coimbatore airport to be of that size , the airport can be shifted to still faraway places ,other wise there will be lot of problems the local administration going to face in the near future.

    Vijaykumar R

  2. Manisekaran Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Airport Authority of India should release the details of acquire land with map and this should keep in public place. Since AAI allowanced for acquiring 350 Acres for future expansion and modernization, most of the residing adjacent peoples are wondering about the expansion and a lot of roomers are spread across public. This would help public to stop further development activities in the problematic area like construct new building, plot purchase etc.,

    One side AAI is taking action to acquiring land for airport expansion and other side residence buildings are growing fast. The reason is no clear idea about expansion. I am also heard this message since 1995.


  3. sen Says:

    yes. the above said is correct . the FOOLISH AAI should release the details of acquire land with map and this should keep in public place. to stop the RUMORS.
    Backside of the airport there is lot of vacant land is available. WHY this AAI acquire residential area?


  4. G M Samy Says:

    First of all, people should realise that unless the airport is expanded, there is no future for Coimbatore. The traffic will go to Kochi and Bangalore, which have huge infrastructure. No one should come in the way of common good. May be the affected people should seek better compensation. People should not fall on the hands of politicians like Ramdoss, who is interested in getting few more votes. Can anyone really count the number of times he has changed the alliance during the last 10 years.

  5. kumar Says:

    Expansion of airport is must for combatore’s future growth.May be the affected land owners should seek better compensation(The approach of politicians also focused only to get the better compensation to the affected persons.The agitation and other things should not be against the expansion of airport).Then only coimbatore will grow faster.

  6. Aravindanabhan Says:

    Air port can aquire land out side the Coimbatore. After Chiniyampalayam lot of vacant land is available.It will be near to Tirupur Dollor city also. The master plan for 750 crore must be for public. So dont ditrurb public.Think positively.Already lot of agitation has created. Pl solve the problem. Now we dont know where to live in Coimbatore. It is not good.So AIRPORT authority ahould announce immediate decision and stop tachering people

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  8. ravi Says:

    No Pain, No Gain. Unless the airport expansion plan implemented , there won’t be any further growth to CBE. I agree residents residing near airport will be affected if new plan implemented, but, they will get good compensation.

    If people agitating for new expansions and new projects, with support from dirty politicians , then India will never come up for sure!!!!-ravi

    • Mannin Maindhan Says:

      Who is gaining on whose pain is the question. Why should one segment always need to suffer for one segments benefit. Can you give your property to the sufferers for the same compensation?.

  9. GV.Kumar Says:

    Pepole should think broadly about our evolution process in all type of transport system taking place now. We need a break ,pls stop the debate and focus on the oncoming generation need ,in olden days transport syatem is not that much structured ,but now all of our system of transport adpot the infrastructures from western countries,it is an appreciable one.And my humble request is ,all the pepole work together and build a strong and healthy nation by avoiding local necessity (Local public -need).By the way it is necessary that Govt should compensate the public atleast what they deserve and I can say Govt. should little bit melt from their rigid set of rules and guidlines ,so that public will be happy and the whole nation will be happy as well .Pls think wisely ,we all living in a very Great country and be proud to be an Indian.

  10. Sheela Says:

    It is highly objectable that AAI indulge in acquisition activities. Existing airport is far enough otherwise it is better shift somewhere far from City without disturbing residents. Damaging the hearts of innocent Public is make us mental agony & worse feeling and wonder whether we are living in India or under the control of British. Please all activities of damaging the dreams of lower and middle class people’s dream (life saving) houses. Thank You,

  11. Raj Says:

    Why do people want to greedily build near the airport? Now there has to be an expansion. So the people have to move out.

  12. Mannin Maindhan Says:

    The biggest problem for any developing country would be the GAP between Rich & Poor. India’s major threat in terms of Maoism or terrorism, there should be a story of affected souls. Which would be the fuel for many unwanted secular issues of the country and also it is being utilized by political criminals.

    Even in this discussion also I am seeing an half backed useless solutions. If anyone knows the issues in depth then you can understand the cheap political tactics behind this.

    Before conclude something better have a deep insight of the problem
    1) Airport expansion comprises of 2 major expansion a) Runway Length
    b) other expansion like cargo, and future runways etc.

    2) The present runway is more than sufficient to land the international flights and few of the Airways already started their operations.

    3) Even if they need more area to lengthen the runway, there is no problem of getting land on eastern side on optimum acquisition with best composition not should be a hostile takeover like 1.3 lakhs per cent with this you cant buy anywhere in CBE limit.

    4) Now we have few questions. Why AAI or Government is particular on residential area, if a huge vacant area is available on southern side of the airport. and also there is a huge area available till Neelambur bypass, which is opt for Cargo operations without affecting the traffic inside the city. Is it only because of the 100+ acres owned by a minister of ruling government.

    5) More over if you see the derived composition (1.3 lakhs per cent) any layman can say this is obsoletely a hostile takeover and reckless and ruthless action of governing bodies. Other side of the road itself the land cost is 3-8 lakhs. This should not be derived based on guide line value and not at the cost of few peoples’ blood those who are residing here for many generations, even before the Airport was constructed.

  13. koushik Says:

    as said by many people i expect coimbatore airport should be developed equily like other airport then ony our city will develop and coimbatore will grow its economy as said the aai can give money upto land needs to land owners ANd try to make coimbatore airport an fully internationel airport

  14. srihari Says:

    coimbatore is growing faster soo plzzz soonly expansion we interst is many planes were come to cbe

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