US helping India become global space power

India is said to be ramping up its space capabilities in an effort to be seen as a major global space power. It is moving beyond its traditional missions of developing communications and remote sensing satellites to focus on new areas, such as navigation, while also working on its first mission to the Moon, perhaps by the end of the next decade, according to a published report.

The Space Review, a US publication, in an article by Jeff Foust said that India had attracted the attention of the United States as a potential partner in space endeavours. India’s space programme is branching out into new fields, including satellite navigation and space science. India has also recently indicated that it is revisiting its previous opposition to a human space flight programme, and is already taking steps towards developing the technology needed for such missions. These developments all provide a new opportunity for cooperation for the US, with far less geopolitical baggage for America than dealing with China or even Russia.

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