40 Sukhois to be bought from Russia

India will purchase 40 Sukhoi fighter aircraft from Russia to make up for the depletion of its squadron strength. With an indigenous fighter plane still in the early stages of development and the MiG-21 aircraft being gradually retired, the Defence Acquisition Council, headed by Defence Minister A.K. Antony, has cleared an Indian Air Force proposal to import aircraft to fill the gap. The proposal will have to be vetted by the Finance Ministry and cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security.

India also plans to buy 126 multi-role combat aircraft, for which the tenders are still being processed. The import will shore up the IAF’s squadron strength, that is expected to dip to a low of 29 in the Eleventh Plan (2007-12).

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One Response to “40 Sukhois to be bought from Russia”

  1. Melwyn Dsouza Says:

    I think its time India gives up dependency on Russian aircrafts. Instead it shld go for the Euro fighter typhoons or may be the latest in the F series offered by the USA and these 50 heavy fighter aircraft shld be a backbone of the Indian Airforce…. besides these the 126 MMCRA’s would come thru over a period of time + 20 approx suqdrons of the LCA and the the MCA is comes thru shld put the india air forces at par with the worlds forces..

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