Travel portals force brands to go online

The travel boom in India has had an unexpected spin off. A large number of Online Travel Service (OTS) portals such as, and more recently are making a beeline for the almost US $ 800 million Indian online travel market.

Some global players such as and expedia are also targeting Indian market aggresively. This is leading to established travel companies clawing back their market share from portals by going online.

According to PhoCusWright Inc., the travel, tourism and hospitality research firm,

Indian travel market both offline and online together is valued at US $ 13.5 billion. The Indian online travel market, which is estimated at $ 796 million in 2006 is expected to rise to $ 2 billion by 2008.

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One Response to “Travel portals force brands to go online”

  1. John Says:

    EXPEDIA is targeting market everywhere probably because they are having bad reputation in USA. The EXPEDIA’s domestic performance was awful altely. They need to go abroad and target people that are unaware of their bad business practice. This is the Google result for a search of ” EXPEDIA complaints” ( ).
    Click on my name to read about my horrible experience with EXPEDIA

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