3 airlines to connect Agra with other tourist centres

The tourism industry in Agra could get a major boost in the coming year as three private airlines are planning to begin regular air services, linking Agra to major tourist destinations, almost two years after the last scheduled flight touched down at the Agra airport.

With the state-run Alliance Air skipping Agra on the route from Delhi to Varanasi of the erstwhile popular air-sector spanning Delhi-Agra-Khajuraho-Varanasi and back, the local airport, equipped with all facilities befitting an international airport, has been lying deserted for some years, save for a few domestic and international charters that arrive here time to time.

The three airlines–Air Deccan, Kingfisher and a new entrant MDLR Airways–are planning flights connecting Agra to major tourist destinations like Delhi, Jaipur and Goa within the coming year.

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One Response to “3 airlines to connect Agra with other tourist centres”

  1. vishal Says:

    Dear sir that’s the good idea you are connect the agra with your flight.i am from agra.but there in agra no flight that’s y here tourism so so week.you heard about the Taj Mahal it’s a world heritage monument. Thanks

    Vishal Gupta

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