Missile system yet to be perfected

The Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) scientists were guarded about the successful mid-air missile interception over the Bay of Bengal on November 27, but defended the interception system’s capability against competing products and technologies.

A “good beginning” had been made but only repeated tests would prove the system’s potency. Many more tests were required to intercept missiles on different flight paths. They were yet to increase the interception capability to over 50 km by changing the range parametres or putting the missile on ships. The high closing speed of the interceptor missile left very little reaction time. This implied further improvements. “A single successful experiment does not mean deliverance,” said a scientist. Besides, the DRDO is yet to configure target information delivery from satellites and, therefore, has to depend on ground-based radars. “We have conducted the test to prove the technology. We are yet to convert it into a delivery system because of these reasons,” he added.

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