Airlines racing ahead of terror: Airbus

Despite the growing threat of terrorism across several parts of the world, travelling by air is now safer than ever. In fact, it is safer to travel by air than, say, take a train or bus. With CCTVs inside the aircraft and armoured doors ensuring safety of pilots, Airbus chief operating officer (COO) John Leahy is confident that a 9-11 can never happen again. There are many other security systems that the aviation veteran would not like to talk about but he is certain that 9-11 has taught enough lessons to make flying safer for passengers as well as the larger public.
“Aircraft are now a much harder target for any potential terrorist activity than they were at the time of 9/11,” Mr Leahy told ET in an interview here. All aircraft now have armoured pilot cabin doors whose controls are with the pilots in line with demand by airlines for more secure aircrafts. Embedded video cameras in the aircraft have also become standard fit for for all passenger aircraft, irrespective of which part of the world they fly. These CCTVs help pilots to monitor all parts of the aircraft and nip any potential danger in the bud.

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