Paramount to acquire 15 Embraer jets

The Chennai-based Paramount Airways plans to acquire 15 Embraer jets as part of its fleet expansion plans.

“As a premier service airline offering business class and first class comfort, Paramount Airways has almost saturated the routes in southern region with the present fleet of five Embraer jets and we already have an expansion plan to help the airline attain national character by 2009-10,” M. Thiagarajan, Managing Director of the airline, told a news conference at the Thiruvananthapuram airport on the occasion of the commencement of twice-daily services from Chennai.

Stating that providing more links to Kerala was close to his heart and the airline took pride in accomplishing it, Mr. Thiagarajan said the airline would soon offer “packages” to woo tourists. “We will soon come out with attractive packages under a tie-up with the hotel chains in the God’s Own Country,” Mr.Thiagarajan added.

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2 Responses to “Paramount to acquire 15 Embraer jets”

  1. Ranjan Singh Says:


    When Paramount Airways was introduced, every one might have been exited that for the first time airline based out of Tamil Nadu was started. There was also expectation that the aviation sector in Tamil Nadu would improve. For a long time Bangalore was the only headquarters for all airline. TamilNadu was a desert of aviation enterprise ever since Air Asiatic wound up.

    There was also reports of Tamil newspapers inflight abort Paramount, which would have attracted exitement in the emotional TN market.

    To tell the truth Paramount Airways is no different from they claim to be. They are just part of the Hindi-speaking herd which are based in Tamil Nadu only in name.

    THeir vacancies within Tamil Nadu DO NOT care for knowledge of Tamil but require Hindi. Speaking Tamil is considered shameful in India’s aviation industry. Speaking Hindi is actual considered good etiquette. Paramount Airways has also shown this preference.

    They barely link 3 of the busiest airports in Tamil Nadu, which others like Air Deccan have already been doing.

    The only thing Paramount Airways is unique is that they are the most expensive.

    To sum it up, being an expensive airline which at the end of the day you get the usual English and Hindi only treatment, you would rather pick others for less.


    total flying hours 300
    total simulator 140hrs
    rating ERJ 170/190

    country Kenya

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