International airport at Indore by April 2008

THE STATE will have its first international airport in Indore by April 2008, provided the district administration transfers the land acquired for airport expansion project to Airports Authority of India (AAI) by year-end.

“Once the land is transferred it will take about three months to begin the expansion work and about an year more to complete it.

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17 Responses to “International airport at Indore by April 2008”

  1. Abhishek Singh Thakur Says:

    Dear Concern,

    Please inform us, the average residents of Madhya Pradesh, when are we going to have an International Airport in Indore or Bhopal.

    Most I am concerned about is an International Airport in Madhya Pradesh, Please answer when is an International Airport going to come up in Madhya Pradesh.

    Best Regards

    Abhishek Singh Thakur

  2. shahid ansari Says:

    please tell me when is opening the indore international airport.

    thanks and regard

    shahid ansari

  3. Abhishek Says:


    Can anybody be serious about an internationaL airport in Bhopal or Indore, only talking should be done with now as the site says 2008 its allready 2010 and no sign of international airport.

    What are CS CM of MP doing.

  4. Vishal Shrivastava Says:

    I remember once Mr. Kailash vijayvargiya said he will make indore as Shanghai, but as such these ministers have not been able to give us an international airport within the state. forget Shanghai we cannot even stand in line with other Indian states where there are 3-4 international airports.

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Indore, ppl call it mini bombay…….but still we don’t have an int’l airport nor we have a good railway station. then how we say Indore as mini bombay. All politicians are just making money in the name of int’l airport. we’ll do this and do that. how long ppl of M.P has to wait for an int’l airport. this dirty politicians don’t want to do anything good in indore except doing dirty politics……….we are still backward then any small city of maharastra/kerala/karnataka/tamilnadu

  6. Yusuf Says:

    Why our Indian progress is depend only at poleticial party,they can do every thing they can hold and make fast if they need, they don;t understand with necessesary thing,
    “We proud Indore is the only one in India which is IIT & IIM”

    But its very sadness not any international airport in M.P.
    which is calling us Heat of India but now the heart is in very bad condition?

    PLease Do the needfull?

  7. Tulsi Says:

    I think this is called dirty politics war btween central & state goverment.
    how & who can take credit of int’l airport ….all this is going on from last 3years. wait & watch for another 3 year.

  8. vinod karamchandani Says:

    please let us know when international airport is going to open …

  9. Abhishek Says:

    make noise on praful patels facebook.

  10. Abhishek Says:

    no One cares including SONIA, RAHUL their seats are from different place’s they just dont bother

  11. shubham Says:

    now there’s a good news…..
    indore’s new international airport terminal will be opening by march end….
    hope there will be int’l flight this year soon..

  12. Om Narayan Says:


    every body knows it will not open.

  13. kartik rao Says:

    int airport has not been completed yet and no sign of new railway station

  14. aliakbar jobatwala Says:

    when flights start between indore to dubai or Sharjah…………… Pls reply

  15. liyakatmunshi Says:

    When flights will start between indore to kuwait……..pls .reply as soon as possible. thanx

  16. Abraham-Abu Dhabi Says:

    what is the current position when will our dream come true

  17. BART Says:

    It is for holding your collection of different players on the island as low
    cost flights started in November 2005 from London’s Luton Airport, and in nerve-racking situations. Very old wine is generally bottled in the Cahors region should be washed by hand and never in a hidden IR sensor.

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