US seeks aerospace trade with India

For the first time, around 20 companies from the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA), along with London-based Tri Polus, wil lvisit India later this week to explore trade opportunities in the country’s fast growing trade and aerospace market.

Talking to FE, Mark Esper, executive vice-president (defence and international affairs), AIA said, “The AIA delegation consists of almost 20 US aerospace companies (so far). AIA’s supplier management council originally developed the mission as an opportunity for new-to-market, small and medium sized companies to explore business development and partnership opportunities in India. Once the mission was announced, a number of larger companies joined to examine ways of integrating Indian suppliers into their global supply chains.”

He said,“ Our goal is to promote networking and build relationships between US and Indian aerospace and defence companies.” The objective is to gain familiarity with the procurement procedures, offsets and R&D business in India, and more specifically to meet and collaborate with Indian commerce and defence officials and key aerospace companies here, said Esper. “This trip will be a catalyst to a stronger strategic and economic relationship between the countries,” he added.

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