Making IT solutions work for air cargo operations

With air cargo operations expanding in India, airline operators in this segment are increasingly taking to IT solutions for quick, efficient and transparent delivery systems. Until a few years ago, the entire gamut of air cargo operations, from booking of cargoes to delivery, was performed manually. But today, several airline operators, including Indian, have increasingly incorporated IT solutions into their air cargo operations.

Industry estimates indicate that globally air cargo operations fetched a total revenue of $52 billion in 2005 and about two per cent of this ($1 billion) was spent by the airlines on IT solutions. As the trend gathers momentum, there has been a mushrooming of IT companies offering solutions to air cargo operators.

In India, several IT companies have come up to provide specific solutions to air cargo operations. For example, while Unisys, Kale Consultants, IBS and CargoSpot specialise in reservations, Mercator and Sabre have expertise in revenue accounting, EzyCargo and CPS are cargo portal providers, Manugistics’ area is revenue management, Lufthansa IS and Magic are engaged in ground operations and Traxon, Fountainhead and FreightData in forwarder solutions.

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