Air Deccan to operate Vizag-B`lore flight

Air Deccan will operate daily flights between Visakhapatnam and Bangalore via Tirupati from October 30. 
Flight No. DN 407 will operate from Bangalore to Vizag and DN 408 vice-versa. DN 407 will leave Bangalore at 10.55 hours and will arrive at Tirupati at 11.45 hours. It will leave at Tirupati at 12 noon and reach Vizag at 13.40 hours. 

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41 Responses to “Air Deccan to operate Vizag-B`lore flight”

  1. Nagesh Babu Singamsetty Says:

    This is a very good decision. It will be helpful to the passengers who travel for a long distance

  2. shankar Says:

    This is really good news for the IT and other professionals in Bangalore, who hail from vizag, and i personally was waiting from long time for such a direct flight to vizag.

  3. nagabhushan Says:

    It is indeed a great news. This kind of air service has been awaited for long. I wish it would be a success.

  4. kishore karthik Says:

    it is really a great news but the timings are awesome, if it were in the early hours , it will be useful to the peers to fly in the week ends

  5. Kandula Says:

    Its a greate news and good decision ..Helps in putting end to painfull journey(24hr by train).Thanks to Airdeccan.

  6. srinivas sistu Says:

    ohh! i really astonished about this.from long back we are waiting for a direct flight b/w bangalore and vizag.its really helpful for the IT and business Sectors.

  7. siri Says:

    Its really would be a good deal as many were eagerly waiting for such a situation that really help the people & whom ever waiting for avoiding painfull journey

  8. Akkala Naidu Paidi Says:

    That’s gr8, We are really looking for direct flight to Vizag from last two years. I appreciate Airdaccan decision. More flights on fridays will be too good.

  9. Aruna Says:

    I’m really very happy and infact waiting eagerly from long time.I wish it will be success and very helpful to many people to have pleasant jorney.

  10. Ravi Sankar Says:

    Nice to hear this news. I was waiting for this for a long time.

  11. Anuradha Says:

    I need to full details of Visakhapatnam and Bangalore via Tirupati Flight No. DN 407 details with charges.


  12. IndianAeroDef Says:

    Hi Anuradha,

    DN 407 is an new ATR-72 500 aircraft type. If you search at Air Deccan’s website you can pretty much get all the details. Nonetheless, For departure from Bangalore to Vizag on 1st Nov 2006, the fare is 3974 plus the legendary Rs 975 in fees and taxes and a transaction fee of Rs 50. All in all it should relieve you of 5000 bucks.

    If you leave on 30th Nov 2006, the fare is 1974 plus Rs 975 in fees and taxes (now you know why this charge is legendary) and Rs 50 in transaction fees. All in all 3000 bucks.

    Hope it helps. Cheers.

  13. rajeswari Says:

    iam very happy by seeing this announcement …to this oppportunity i was waitng from last 3 yrs..becuase we can’t able to go regulary by train with small kids..its very difficult..this is very good decion..thank u very much…
    but if it evening timings or early hr its very usefull on weekends to go hometown..
    we want to go to visakhapatnam on 13th jan i want complete details of train fares..and also for kids how much below 5 yrs..pls reply me…
    thank you,

  14. rajeswari Says:

    sorry i written smallmistake …not train fares…flight fares

    we want to go to visakhapatnam from bangalore on 13th jan i want complete details of Flight No. DN 407 fares..and also for kids how much below 5 yrs..pls reply me…
    thank you,

  15. rajiv Says:

    Its a great news to have a direct flight from vizag to B’lore and vice versa. It would be nice if the flight is at the evening hours say arround 5:00 Pm. My parents who are senior citizens , very offen travel to bangalore from vizag and vice-versa, can I know what could be the charges for senior citizens. And to get the cheapest fare, what would be the last date to book the tickets from the day of travel.

  16. IndianAeroDef Says:

    Hi Rajeswari & Rajiv,

    You can get all the details about your respective flight fares at the airline’s website ie.

    Check the left hand side of the airline website and that should help you out. Also you may want to check out few independent travel portals like rediff Fare search;;; etc….

  17. RSN Murthy Says:

    Iam very delighted to note flight is introduced by air deccan to vizag from garden city, bangalore. pl provide fares so also timings of departure and arrival. i wish the MD of air deccan in his endeavour.

  18. rajeswari Says:

    iam very happy before..but after seeing fare its very high…before u r advertising in paper and net it is like 2000..+taxes like 1000 ..we think it is 3000..but u r showing 5000/person…if one person wants to go this money is ok…but 3 people want to go..then its very high,….

  19. rajeswari Says:

    i want to know exact fare for journey 0n 12th jan2007…..on websites it is showing 5000/-rs…..

  20. suresh Says:

    hi… there any new flights from vijayawada—vishakapatnam

  21. vegiharendrnath Says:

    I wanna to know the details of the air deccan fare charges
    for visakhapatanam
    and also the details whether the vacant seat is there or not

  22. vegiharendrnath Says:

    hai please send the deatails for
    airdeccan flight to operate
    on 10/1/2007

    from bangalore to vizag

  23. vegiharendrnath Says:

    hai iam posting slowly
    only please
    tell the details for
    airdecccan flight which goes from
    Bangalore to visakhapatnam

  24. vegiharendrnath Says:

    hai please send the details for
    the airdeccan flight
    timings and fares to go
    on 10/1/2007 and 11/1/2007

  25. vegiharendranath Says:

    always u say like this
    Fine hai please
    send the details for the airdeccan flight which
    goes from
    bangalore to visakhapatnam on 10/1/2007

  26. vegiharendranath Says:

    hai every one
    iam very happy for having
    the flight from Bangalore to visakhapatnam
    direct flight
    Its 2007 special enjoy everyone

  27. SRIDHAR Says:

    hi ,
    plz make the flight timings at after evning hrs and early morning hrs(vice versa).iIt is helpful for employers.

  28. premkamal g Says:

    it’s too good decision.
    thanks to airdeccan.

  29. Kartheek T Says:

    Hiii, Its really nice decision by Air Deccan to introduce a direct flight from Bangalore to Vizag. But it would be more helpful if they change the flight timings and make it around 9:00AM at least.

  30. Mouli Says:


    it’s too good decision.
    thanks to airdeccan.

    plz make the flight timings at after evning hrs . It is helpful for employers & everybody .


  31. Mytri Says:

    We (2 persons) wants to go to Balore on 10th April.Kindly let me know the complete fare details immediately.


  32. kalyan Says:

    I want to know the bangalore- vizag towords and return details

  33. Lavan Kumar Says:

    I am very happy to listen this as am waiting for a long time and finally AIR DECCAN has fulfilled my desire.
    Thanks to AIR DECCAN.
    I would like to know the details of fares as well.

    Lavan Kumar

  34. divakar Says:

    Very great to hear this from air deccan, it will be very very helpful to all \

    a small request if the time schedule changes to evening hours atleast after 3PM


  35. Erotikspiele Says:

    flash spiele

    … see also this nice travel article

  36. Divakar Says:

    Really its a very good idea.
    I hope lots of people are eagerly waiting for such facility.
    If possible better to change the timings as Evening ,

    Divakar Adari

  37. Madhav Says:


    the flight is no more there. We can’t fly to vizag from blore anymore ..

    Kingfisher …the culprit !!

  38. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  39. kusuma Says:

    Can anyone please tell still this offer is there?

  40. Sripati Sabat Says:


    it’s too good decision.
    thanks to airdeccan.
    Pls mention the flight charges.


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