SilkAir`s Coimbatore operations likely by `08

Buoyed by growing passenger traffic and aircraft movements at the Coimbatore airport, SilkAir, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, plans to introduce its services here. 
“Considering the huge outflow of passengers from this region to Southeast Asian nations such as China and Singapore for textile-related business activities, SilkAir may operate soon from the Coimbatore airport,” Sanjay Cherian, passenger sales officer, Singapore Airlines, said at a press conference. 
Although he remained non-committal on the timeline as to when the airlines would start its operations, sources say that it is likely to start its operations by 2008. 

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143 Responses to “SilkAir`s Coimbatore operations likely by `08”

  1. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    I think Silk Air should start services to Coimbatore in 2006 itself and not wait for 2008

  2. Srividhya Says:

    It would be really great and helpful if the services from singapore to coimbatore could be started as soon as possible

  3. Madhavan Says:

    As lot of Coimbatorians working at Singapore and travelling frequently to Coimbatore via Cochin, Chennai & Bangalore, Silkair can start their operation immediately once they get the approval from Indian Government. If will be very helpful for Coimbatorians to save the travelling time.

  4. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Some good news.
    The Singapore and Indian Governments have agreed to fly their airlines to Coimbatore.
    Quoting Business Line –
    Also, I sent an E.mail to Mr. Barclay, CEO, Silk Air, asking him when operations will commence since the agreement was signed by the two Governments. He replied that operations will commence soon as he gets the agreement from the Singapore Government.

  5. maran Says:

    While welcoming Silk Air plans to Coimbatore, does any one knows about plans to Trichy, since, large number of Tamilians from Central and Southerly Tamil Nadu state reside/work in Singapore as well.

  6. Krishnamoorthi Says:

    I will be more helpful, if SilkAir starts its service from Singapore to Coimbatore

  7. SASI KUMAR Says:

    This is really a good news for passengers from Coimbatore to Singapore and vice versa. Saves travelling time quite a lot and expecting for the service to commence soon.

  8. Krishnan Says:

    Silk Air charges exorbitant fares on the Singapore-Cochin and Singapore-Trivandrum routes during the peak seasons. It would be interesting to see how they price the Singapore-Coimbatore sector when they launch the service.

  9. maran Says:

    It rather seems Silk Air will take Coimbatore route, whilst, Air India Express and Indian airlines takes Trichy to Singapore.

  10. Sridhar Says:

    The launch program of flight service from singapore to coimbatore, is a most appreciable one because of following remarkable factors such as the location of coimbatore city is almost central zone of Tamilnadu as a result of which it covers all near by cities and both kinds of passangers will be benefited especially commercial passengers because of its textile,Engg business resources.

    Its sure most of people from tamilnadu,at present being engaged in employment and business commitments in singapore are keen awaiting this much valuable service.Hope this will gain your positive consideration at higher mode.

  11. Usha Says:

    I agree, Silkair starting services to Coimbatore is the best news I have heard. I have been traveling from Singapore to Coimbatore via Chennai for the past 10 years. A lot of time is wasted during the transit from Chennai to Coimbatore. Flying directly to Coimbatore is going to be great.

    I hope that Silkair does not delay starting services to Coimbatore. They should begin flights as soon as possible.

  12. David Liem Says:

    Can I have SilkAir email address please?

  13. Senthilkumar Deepa Says:

    Its great news for us. I am a frequent flyer to coimbatore, transit in Chennai its wasting of time. I am requesting SilkAir management to start this flight asap without any delay.

  14. Anand Ravi Deshpande Says:

    I am eagerly waiting for Silk Air’s direct flight to Coimbatore from Singapore. I will be one of the first passenger to travel from Singapore.

  15. Thambi Says:

    Being a native of Coimbatore and working in SINGAPORE for the last eight years, there is nothing more sweeter than this.
    Transit in Chennai with all pots and pans is really a nightmare

  16. Raja Says:

    Bunch of my friends who is doing business with singapore & china clients travels from in & around coimbatore to singapore via chennai. It will be very helpful for them if this route operation comes up immediately.

  17. Jagadeesh.D Says:

    Amazing News. But I heard this news two years earlier. I don’t see any reason for SILK AIR or for any other Airlines why they delay in providing direct service to COIMBATORE? May I know why there is a Delay? I thought they want to divert this KOCHI flight (MI 468) to Coimbatore for the other alternate three days of the Week.

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  19. Tyagarajan Says:

    I’m waiting for this service. Once in a month i use to visit ciombatore via Chennai or Bangalore. If direct flight means,every 15 days i want to go back to my home. when? when?.please start the service ASAP.

  20. sivaraj Says:

    It is really surprise to see Trichy able to get direct flights from Singapore before Coimbatore .
    I believe Coimbatore is really discriminated . The potilitician from coimbatore are selfish and they are in politics only for their personel benifits.
    No one is fighting for infrastructure of coimbatore or will work to bring central/state projects .
    Coimbatore grows purely on private interest only.
    There is no central or state projects exist in coimbatore inspite of its engineering/textile bussiness and education base.
    If you see What government operations exist in Coimbatore you can see only like post office,bank,railway station and some educational institute started in 60’s or 70’s.
    But Trichy got BHEL and they are on central map.Also I hope their politician are better working for those voted for them.
    Even now the interest in international flight service to coimbatore is shown by foreign airliner .So it not the govenment interest to have international flight serice to coimbatore.
    Trichy even got Passport office.You can immagine how far is chennai-Trichy and chennai-coimbatore.
    They are also telling passport office to be installed in coimbatore.(of course this cannot be started by any private firm.)
    So take all these news as dream only till it really happens as for as coimbatore is concerned.

  21. Sampathkumar Says:

    Yes what Sivaraj written is 100% correct. This is a clear partiality shown by government to Coimbatore. “Only creeching wheel will get Grease”. Coimbatore politicians must escalate the infrastructure issue of Coimbatore to government and get the facilities to Coimbatore. But in real no one wants to do that. Every one wants to enjoy the benefits from Coimbatore and doing nothing for Coimbatore. Politicians do business; buy acres of land in Coimbatore but doing nothing to Coimbatore.
    Trichy, Mangalore and few other airports are loss making airports still they get international connectivity but Coimbatore being a profitable airport struggling for infrastructure. Coimbatore is neglected in all sectors not only in airport.
    Hope Silk Air will give a relief to coimbatoreans.

  22. Dhin Says:

    Coimbatore is a fast growing dynamic region. A service from Coimbatore to Singapore will be a good idea.

  23. Jagadeesh.D Says:

    Hello Coimbatorians,
    Good news is that, last week I went to SILKAIR Office at Race Course Road in Coimbatore for re-confirming my return ticket to Singapore from KOCHI in SilkAir & enquired about the direct flight to Coimbatore. The lady in the helpdesk told me that the operation is going to start this year end October or November.
    I hope initially the flight operation to Coimbatore would be three days in a week.

  24. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Thanks,Jagadeesh, for this information. It is gold to the ears.
    I am sick of getting off at Chennai. Kochi is a hot place too. I was dripping with sweat and dog tired when I arrived at Chennai last time.
    As for Tiruchi, even, if somebody offers me a free flight there, I will not go. Lack of proper transport to other cities and scorching heat – even sometimes during winter, will put me off. I had been to Tiruchi in the past and thank God it was only for one or two days each time.
    I do agree with Sivaraj and Sampathkumar that Coimbatore is being neglected.
    I don’t see why the Government would’nt want to invest in this excellent city, climate and talentwise and rather invest in cities and towns that do not stand even near Coimbatore in any regard.
    Coimbatore contributes much to the National Income and foreign exports – but what does the city get in return?
    Businessmen should demand international infrastructure.
    If the state Government (whichever Party) finds it difficult to look after the growing needs of this great city and region, I feel it is better that for administration purposes, statehood is granted to Coimbatore and surrounding areas. Then, Coimbatore will even overtake Bangalore in name.
    Some politicians did suggest earlier that Tamilnadu be bifurcated for administration purposes. I felt a bit sad when I heard this since Tamilnadu should be always one, but, if the State Government wants to spend Coimbatore’s money in different towns and areas, then I think those politicians who spoke of bifurcation are correct.
    Except for the meagre Agricultural Uni., there is no significant Central Government investment in Coimbatore.
    Our IT park is still being constructed. All other MPs have E.mail addresses, but, for the Coimbatore MP – on the Government of India web site.
    I could go on and on. Let me stop here.

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  27. Robin Says:

    It would be really great if the direct flight is launched from singapore to coimbatore, it will save me a days wait time at chennai airport.

    Welcome silkair to coimbatore

  28. Jeyaprakash Says:

    Being a coimbatorian, I often finding difficulties to travel to singapore and vice versa via chennai. It would be great if there is a direct flight, where it is most useful for any family members with child to take a direct flight.

    When it is having really Passenger Potential, direct flight should arrive Coimbatore immediately

  29. Samuel Says:

    I’m a frequent traveller from singapore to coimbatore via chennai. I heard airindia express is also introducing new flight from singapore to coimbatore. do any one know when it will happen?.

    i’m reading in newspapers that airport runway expansion is in progress for more than 2 years. i dono when it will complete. coimbatore airport is only profitable airport in tamilnadu other than chennai. but still it is getting negleted by politicians for development. Hope time will change.

  30. Devarajan Says:

    It is really surprise to see Trichy able to get direct flights from Singapore before Coimbatore.It would be really great and helpful if the services from singapore to coimbatore could be started as soon as possible.SilkAir may operate soon from the Coimbatore airport dont wait until 08′.

  31. maran Says:

    Please note, historically from the days of colonial rule, most of the Tamilians, who are residing/working in Singapore and Malaysia, are mostly hailing from the Trichy central and easterly belt, right down to Ramnad/Tirunelveli belt,(including Madurai, Sivagangai, Karaikudi etc.).

    Therefore, naturally the demand for air travel from Trichy to Singapore/Malaysia and vise versa, are of immense potential, making local and foreign air operators keeness to operate at Trichy instead.

    Nevertheless, since, Silk Air has been granted permission to operate at Coimbatore as well, perhaps, plans would be drafted to operate soon in due course. Be patient mate.

  32. Venkit Raj Says:

    Hope the dream come true..

  33. LEO Says:

    Hope everyone heard the news Tiger Airways is going to fly to few destinations in India other than coimbatore.
    Not sure why coimbatore is neglected. Do all our dreams become true,when?

  34. Srividhya Says:

    I will be more helpful, if SilkAir starts its service from Singapore to Coimbatore.Dont wait until 08′.

  35. Suresh Says:

    Waah!!! It’s great to hear that SilkAir will be flying to textile city Coimbatore. For the past 6 years i travel to Palakkad via Kochi, whereby we need to spent another 2 to 3 hours drive to reach Palakkad. If SilkAir starts its service to Coimbatore i will reach within an hour to Palakkad. Eagerly waiting to travel to Coimbatore by Silk Air.

  36. Arvind Says:

    Singapore Airlines’ Silkair will start flying to Coimbatore from this Oct 28th, 2007. So book your flights and spread the word to ensure the segment remains viable. 🙂

  37. Sam Says:

    Silkair has not yet confirmed any dates for flying into Coimbatore. I’m not sure where Mr.Arvind had obtained this info. Can some one confirm this news!!!!

  38. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    I hope Mr Aravind’s information is valid. I am eagerly waiting too. I am flying to India in February. Will prefer Silk Air to Coimbatore.

  39. Jagadeesh.D Says:

    Hi all, I called up the SilkAir Office and checked with them. Most probably the Flight is confirmed. But the flying date yet to be announced.

  40. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi all,
    The good news has finally arrived.
    I had an EMail from Renu Nair yesterday confirming Silk Air’s operations in October.
    Below are some excerpts

    “Dear Mr Ezekiel

    Thank you for your email. We will indeed be commencing thrice weekly flights to Coimbatore this October. Flights will depart Singapore every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 2130hrs and arrive in Coimbatore at 2320hours (local time). The return flights leave Coimbatore at 0025hours, with an early morning arrival into Singapore at 0720hours.

    You should be able to make online bookings or with your travel agent in a few weeks.

    Thank you for your interest, support and most of all patience. It has been a long wait for us too and we are excited to add Coimbatore to our network.

    Best wishes to you

    Renu Nair
    Public Affairs
    SilkAir (S) Pte Ltd
    Tel: 65 65415303
    Fax: 65 64900516

    I do hope all of us patronize this service since it is of much benefit to the people of the Coimbatore region. Please spread the news through E.Mail or anyother way to all your friends in India and abroad and ask them to do the same.

  41. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi all,
    The good news has finally arrived.
    I had an EMail from Renu Nair yesterday confirming Silk Air’s operations in October.
    Below are some excerpts

    “Dear Mr Ezekiel

    Thank you for your email. We will indeed be commencing thrice weekly flights to Coimbatore this October. Flights will depart Singapore every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 2130hrs and arrive in Coimbatore at 2320hours (local time). The return flights leave Coimbatore at 0025hours, with an early morning arrival into Singapore at 0720hours.

    You should be able to make online bookings or with your travel agent in a few weeks.

    Thank you for your interest, support and most of all patience. It has been a long wait for us too and we are excited to add Coimbatore to our network.

    Best wishes to you

    Renu Nair
    Public Affairs
    SilkAir (S) Pte Ltd

    I do hope all of us patronize this service since it is of much benefit to the people of the Coimbatore region. Please spread the news through E.Mail or anyother way to all your friends in India and abroad and ask them to do the same.

  42. Arvind Says:

    Thanks for following up !! 🙂 Happy FLYING!

  43. Sampath kumar Says:

    Hi Fellow Coimbatoreans,
    At last our city come in International map.Silk air is starting from October end. Initially three days a week. We all have to support and should make it as everyday flight.
    Big thanks for SILK AIR Management

  44. Samuel Says:

    Great News. Let’s hope coimbatore will have many international airlines and destinations, following silk air. Thanks to SILK AIR.

  45. maran Says:

    Great, finally Silk Air will be introducing flight to Coimbatore. Kindly ensure better patronage, as well as, commercially viable. Otherwise, Silk Air may move to operate at Trichy instead, since, it is of immense potential.

    Happy Flying with Silk Air mates.

  46. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    I had one more E.mail from Silk Air. Its is commencing flights on 28th October. I dont think Coimbatorians have to be bothered whether it goes to Tiruchi or not. Even if it does go there , we would rather go to some city like Bangalore, Chennai or Kochi and take connecting flights. Tiruchi, could have some potential for flights to South East Asia due to the workers and historical links with those countries. A friend of mine who lives nearer to Tiruchi than Coimbatore told me this morning he would prefer to use the Coimbatore airport.
    I also hear that Coimbatore is going to attract more foreign airlines like Lufthansa and Emirates soon. Besides, Sri Lankan Airlines and Air India Express are keen in starting flights too.
    Hopefully in a year or two we will see direct flights to Germany, UK and USA from Coimby.
    Good On Ya Mates.

  47. Moghan Says:

    Dear Coimbatoreans,
    It is exciting to have direct flight to Singapore.At the same ,quitely Air Arabia might enter Coimbatore offering western Asia in general& Dubai, Sharjha in Particular. Watch out ! A lot more in store.

  48. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Thanks Moghan for the news.

  49. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Deviating from the Silk Air topic a bit, French team coming to study Chennai-Bangalore-Coimbatore fast rail feasability

  50. Raju Says:

    Nice to Hear…..

  51. Anand Ravi Deshpande Says:

    Great news! Booking from Singapore can be made from . Silk air website has not started the booking yet. The silkair website has indicated this new route in the “Flash news” section. It also says that it is subject to approval from the govenment. I hope it will be approved by the Indian government (there is a lot of Bureaucracy). I will confirm from them and update you. Planning to travel on the first flight on 28th Oct to Coimbatore.

  52. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Thanks for the update Anand.

  53. Francis Says:

    Wow its really good news for me & my friends too. we are waiting for this since 2oo4. Really we can save time a lot..Thanks

  54. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Some more international flights to Coimbatore
    Published by The Hindu yesterday
    Silk Air from October,a Gulf airline and SriLankan flights soon plus more domestic connectivity by Spice jet and others.

  55. Anand Ravi Deshpande Says:

    The silkair website will start their online booking by August end. I confirmed with a staff fro Silkair from Singapore. Great news.

  56. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Good news Anand, I think it is usually cheaper tp purchase from Agents though. Im no fully sure.

  57. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Coimbatore has been added to Silk Air’s site for booking.

  58. Raj Says:

    Normaly Indian schedule like this nothing to wounder for getting delay
    only the way to maintain the schedule to remove the semior officer in indian Aviation

  59. touristsale Says:



  60. sridhar Says:

    vry big thks to SILKAIR Mgt.Welcome silkair to CBE.

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    listing brought me to check out many blogs

  62. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Air Arabia has sent me an Email confirming that flight schedules to Coimbatore will be announced soon.

  63. Adhil Says:

    hai warren wat is the email id

  64. Wzrren Ezekiel Says:

    I went into their website and filled in the contact form and they replied to me through E.mail.

  65. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Air Arabia has commenced bookings to Coimbatore from it’s website. I noticed it today

  66. Basarie Says:

    Air Arabia has announced New Flights from Sharjah to Bangalore with effect from Oct 15/2007 with a six weekly frequency and a twice a weekly flights to COIMBATORE FROM OCT.01/2007.

  67. sampathkumar Says:

    Hi ALL,
    SRILANKAN Airlines starting direct flights between coimbatore-colombo from october 29.

  68. Wzrren Ezekiel Says:

    Thanks Sampath for the information. Im glad Coimbatore is moving up. Hope some long term plans are made for the airport so that more international airlines do fly to the city.

  69. sampathkumar Says:

    Hi Warren,
    There is a news about coimbatore airport development works in today’s dinamalar -General news. 07/10/07 general-tamilnadu-12th news.
    Hope those development works commens soon.

  70. sridhar Says:

    Hi Warren,

    Any other international flights to combatore airport.

  71. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi Sridhar,
    Looks like there is going to be more. The Airport Director has mentioned it in today’s Hindu. Also, the Airport is going to be opened 24 hours.
    Here’s the Link.

  72. Shree Says:

    Silk air service is great news for coimbatoreans and people around coimbatore. I am taking the inagural flight from singapore to coimbatore on the 28th of october. The return fare is 535 singapore dollars. However, when i tried to book tickets for my family from coimbatore to singapore ( one way). I was shocked to know that the one way fare cost Rs. 20,0000 and a return somewhere around Rs. 28.000. This is crazy. I can very well travel by jet airways for half this fare from chennai.

  73. Shree Says:

    Silk air coimbatore – Unaffordable

    Silk air service is great news for coimbatoreans and people around coimbatore. I am taking the inagural flight from singapore to coimbatore on the 28th of october. The return fare is 535 singapore dollars. However, when i tried to book tickets for my family from coimbatore to singapore ( one way). I was shocked to know that the one way fare cost Rs. 20,000 and a return somewhere around Rs. 28.000. This is crazy. I can very well travel by jet airways for half this fare from chennai. Here is the address of the Silk air office in coimbatore CJB Address/Tel/Fax nbrs

    SilkAir (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
    195A, Tulsi Chambers
    195, West T.V.Swamy Road
    Coimbatore – 641 002
    Tamil Nadu

    Reservations 00 91 422 4370271
    00 91 422 4370281

    Sales 00 91 422 4370261

    Fax 00 91 422 4370291

    I tried to contact them a week back, but the office is just taking shape. Unless the price is brought down , I strongly feel that silkair service to singapore will be a failure.

  74. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    I feel you could be right in one way that it could be a failure, but, it also depends on the demand for Silk Air flights at that price. If there are Coimbatoreans willing to pay that price, there will be demand for the service. I remember when Silk Air started its service to Kochi and Singapore airlines to Bangalore, the flights costed much more than what they costed to Chennai. People still did use the costlier service since they were willing to pay more just to avoid the delay and inconveniences at changing at Chennai. I still feel Silk Air wll be a success to Coimbatore. I already heard that my friend could not get a booking in December since it was already filled up from Singapore to Coimbatore.

  75. Thameezudeen Says:

    Hi Warren,
    Am a Coimbatorian, living in Dubai. Besides being a fastest growing city in the South, I felt Silk Air has taken a very long time to finalise the route. In the midst of Mega Township Plans happening in Coimbatore by Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority, hopefully expect a number of flights to fly from the Gulf Region.

  76. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi Thameezudeen,
    Yes you could be right as well. All Coimbatoreans are excited about mega changes in Coimbatore in all fronts including aviation.
    Wish Coimbatore was a capital city and also had some big Governmnet investment like as in BHEL, BEL or HAL, then Coimbatore would have even improved much more. I notice if 1 rupee is invested in Coimbatore the return is much more than if the same 1 rupee is invested in any other city whether by the Government or private parties.
    I think the private entrepreneurship in Coimbatore is a sucess and is playing an important role in today’s global world where private ownership is slowly entering into previously held government undertakings.
    Infrastructure must be improved and the Coimbatore local authorities should think more than just repairing a few roads or widening a few roads.
    A massive ring road around the town must be constructed and more rapid transport like trains, skybus and monorail must be introduced.
    Kaveri water should be brought to Coimbatore.
    We have a habit of going to Bangalore and Hyderabad and opening our eyes and looking and saying how clean and beautiful those cities are. When is Tamilnadu going to take the lead and do better than them?
    Meanwhile, back to aviation,
    Srilankan Airlines is commencing flights from Saturday
    Silk Air commencing flights from Saturday
    Spice jet commencing flights and intends to make Coimbatore the hub.
    The airport is going to be opened 24 hours and has been one of the few profit making airports this year.
    All the above can be referred in The Hindu newspaper this week.

  77. Shree Says:

    Hi Warren,
    I have never come across anybody who is as passionate as you about coimbatore. How about standing for a mayor election next year? I will vote for you. Amazing vision you have man.

  78. sampathkumar Says:

    Here is a good news about coimbatore airport. Coimbatore airport is one among the 17 profit earning airports in india. But the infrastructure coimbatore airport is lagging behind all other airports. No local politicians is takeing care about coimbatore.

  79. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Thanks Shree for the complement.
    Dont worry, when I become mayor of Coimbatore I will make sure that there is a budget airline flying from Singapore to Coimbatore so you could transport your family and you at a cheaper fare between Coimbatore and Singapore.

  80. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Coimbatore Airport To Get New Look
    Ref.: The Hindu (today)

  81. sampathkumar Says:

    Singapore business team visits coimbatore during the inaugural flight between coimbatore and singapore.

  82. S.VIJAYAN Says:

    I saw silkair website. searcing but available coimbatore to singapore

  83. sampathkumar Says:

    Use the link below.
    There are more interesting informations about coimbatore in silkair website.
    Really nice and well orgainsed information about coimbatore

  84. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Yes Sampath they have done a good job of the info on Coimbatore.

  85. sampathkumar Says:

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks. When are going to coimbatore by silkair?. I am going on november 30th.

  86. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Most probably in March Sampath. Im trying for leave at work.

  87. Arvind Says:

    Silkair SALE to Coimbatore SGD $438 only. ENJOY!!!

  88. Firoz Ahamed Says:

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    I am R.Firoz Ahamed. I have completed B.A in economics at Jamal
    Mohamed Collegeon April 2007 .And I Completed DIPLOMA IN ADVANCED
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    on your esteemed organization. I assure you that I will be sincere and
    dedicate in my work. I promise you that I will work hard for the
    betterment of the organization.
    Thanking You.

    R.Firoz Ahamed.
    Cell: +91 9944009838

  89. sampathkumar Says:

    A Near miss incident. Coimbatore airport infrstructure should be improved immediately.

  90. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi Sampath,
    I read that article too. Its a pity that Coimbatore airport inspite of making profit has a small little dsembarking area where the planes have to squeeze through and offload their cargo and passengers. I will not blame any airline since the area is too small for them to to try and negotiate movement of their aircraft.
    Now, the AAI has finally decided to upgrade the airport and have only two aerobridges. I dont know why they can’t foresee growth and make three or four aerobridges incase there are more than two international airliners which requiring parking at the same time – considering that more international airlines would be coming in soon. I wonder who at the AAI is really responsible at looking into these matters.
    Its nice to cut a cake and eat it when a new international airline arrives, but, at the same time I hope the AAI looks into having better infrastructure at the Coimbatore airport soon since airlines will begin to rethink their operations there and there will not be any more cakes for the AAI especially in Coimbatore.
    There is still no word on the runway expansion as well. Only for Coimbatore, there is a long land acquisition process. Other cities and towns have found nearby or alternative land for construction of huge airports and runways, but, Coimbatore which is one of the fastest growing cities in India has the slowest growing airport infrastructure in Tamilnadu.
    Another point to make note is where another Tamilnadu town will be swallowing the profits of Coimbatore, is the movement of the Railway division to Salem. Since Salem is now ‘the divisional headquarters’ all money will be spent on Salem since it is the divsional headquarters. Atleast palakkad was a one hour journey from Coimbatore, now the headquarters has moved three hours away. What a joke!
    Let us see how quick the Coimbatore – Dindigul line is going to be gauged converted now and if Podanur and North Coimbatore are going to be made into bigger stations. Personally I think Palakkad was doing a good job.

  91. sampathkumar Says:

    HI Warren,
    I do agree with you. But palakkad divison has not doing anything for coimbatore instead they did for kerala state only. Salem divison will do for the PMK strong area only. Still coimbatore will be scapegoat for them. I dont think Dindigul-CBE BG line conversion will happen in near future. May be the LAST MG LINE IN INDIA TO CONVERT TO BG. All parasites want to harvest from coimbatore but do nothing for us.
    Here is some fruitfull news for us. Coimbatore airport shows record profit now.

  92. Shiva Says:

    Hi Kovai Guys

    It is good that kovai become internationa airport. There are lot of kovai people in Lagos, Nigeria . There should be direct flight from kovai to lagos. Qatar having direct flights from lagos to chennai, hyderabad, bangalore, and cochin. why not coimbatore.

    There are lots and lot of people from kovai, erode, salem district, for all of them cbe will be the best place to get down.

    so there should be a direct flight between lagos to cbe.


  93. Ganesh Says:

    Hi Warren & Sampath,

    Any future plan for COIMBATORE airport (New Terminal).what will be the next flight (International) frm any country.

  94. Sampathkumar Says:

    Hi Ganesh,

    There is no news about new airlines starting operation to Coimbatore as of now. But it is good not to start any such operation now based on Coimbatore airport condition. Last week I went to Coimbatore from Singapore and came back to Singapore. Airport condition was not good. Being a profitable airport, conditions were worst.
    Boarding pass was written manually and only two immigration officers working for more than 100 passengers. Check-in baggages were cleared manually. No aerobridges till now. Passengers need to walk 100m to take flight (No shuttle bus for elders and those who are with infants).
    But as usual more funds were allotted for Madurai and Tiruchi airports instead of Coimbatore.

  95. Jagadeesh.D Says:

    Hi Warren, When are you going to Coimbatore. I will be there in the Second or third Week of February 08. Hope to meet you at Coimbatore.
    My email address is

  96. sampathkumar Says:


  97. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi Jagadeesh and Sampath,
    I might visit Coimbatore in February if my leave is granted.
    I also read the article Coimbatore airport traffic soring.
    Nice to know that the passenger numbers will cross 1 million this year.
    Hope the AAI will find the land soon to expand the runway and to increase the capacity of the airport building.
    When bigger cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad can find the land to construct massive international airports I cant understand why AAI, Coimbatore cannot find land even for increasing the runway.
    If they cannot find the land in the vicinity I think they should look to construct an airport somewhere else in Coimbatore district.

  98. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Recent update on Coimby airport
    Ref. The Hindu

  99. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    One more international airline to fly to Coimbatore

  100. sampathkumar Says:

    One more news came about deregatory process of coimbatore airport by some selfish kerala travel agents. News came in today’s dinamalar. These travel agents dragging passengers in coimbatore to calicut and cochin by giving some cheap offers. I dont know when the politicians of coimbatore will wake up and do something for coimbatore..

  101. warren ezekiel Says:

    Mr Sampath
    You need not worry,
    the forces of demand and supply will take affect. More people are opting to live in the coimbatore, Nilgiris, Salem belt due to good climate … and that too people who are high income earners. People are leaving wretched hot places in Tamilnadu and Kerala and moving to the Kongu belt and only the cream from elsehwere will finally afford to live there due to the climate.
    These people will surely have international connections and will end up the Coimbatore airport being a major international one

  102. suresh raghuram Says:

    Tamil Nadu chief minister Karunanidhi shows total disrespect to his own state: 1>All Tamil Nadu airport posts are being reserved for Hindi speakers who dont know Tamil and are rude. Like Karnataka’s demand it is high time Tamils get posted in their own land irrepective of their caste. 2>Tamil Nadu airports are being controlled by a Hindi organization Airports of India Authority who ofcourse will siphon funds to Hindian cities. They have now international flights from Lucknow while southern TN remains unserved. 3>Tuticorin for the amount of industry it has does not have enough flights. 5>Most of international travellers from Tamil Nadu originate from southern disctricts. They are all going to Kerala and taking flights. Tuticorin should be developed to be an international airport in addition to Madurai. 6>Tamil Nadu should emulate Gujarat and Kerala to have TN Airways which will serve all TN cities and which ANNOUNCE IN TAMIL LANGUAGE. All the Indian carriers like Kingfisher, AirDaccan, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara are treating Tamils as foreigners by annoucing Hindi in Tamil soil. KARUNANIDHI ARE YOU LISTENING? CHENNAI IS NOT ONLY CITY IN TN? WHY YOU ARE BEING PARTIAL TO HINDI SPEAKERS BY ALLOWING THEM RESERVATATION IN TAMIL NADU AIRPORTS? 7)SALEM AIRPORT IS LYING IDLE FOR LAST 15 YEARS; ONLY WAY TO RESOLVE THIS TN GOVT TO ESTABLISH ITS OWN AIRLINE THEREBY WE DONT DEPEND ON HINDI AIRLINES.
    8)Sri Lankan and Singapore Airlines are clearly sidelining Tamil Nadu by offering more flights to Kerala and North Indian cities. In all their new flights Tamil Nadu cities are not mentioned.
    9)Salem, Vellore, Coimbatotore,Tuticorin should be actively used. Hosur region should not depend upon Karnataka’s bangalore airport. TN should ensure flights to TN cities through its own airline which will announce in Tamil.

  103. warren ezekiel Says:

    Some interesting recent news on Coimbatore airport

    Ref: Economic Times

  104. warren ezekiel Says:

    Coimbatore airport runway extended to 9700 ft. and ready for use.

    Ref: The Hindu

    Mr Sampath, how are you? You are very silent nowadays.

  105. Sampathkumar Says:

    Hi Warren,
    I am fine. How are you?. How is your work and life?.
    Nowadays i am very busy with my work and my kids. But i am watching all happenings in and around coimbatore.
    Bytheway which part of australia you are staying?. I am planning to go Adelaide by jan 2009. Hope we can meet there..
    Do mail me at

  106. warren ezekiel Says:

    Hi Mr Sampath
    I am in Melbourne and will surely meet you when you are in Adelaide. Its 1 hour by flight and 9 hours by bus or train. I fly to Adelaide often.
    Will be mailing you soon.

  107. sampathkumar Says:

    Hi All,
    coimbatore to get diretc flights to europe..
    See this link..

  108. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Excellent news Mr Sampath and also nice to know all international flights to and from Coimbatore are 90% full.

  109. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Parallel taxiway work commences at Coimbatore airport
    Ref. The Hindu

  110. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Regarding IT in Coimbatore

  111. Sridhar Says:

    Any more international flights to Coimbatore in 2008-2009

  112. Jagadeesh.D Says:

    I heard a latest news that AIRINDIA Express is going to introduce direct flight from Singapore to Coimbatore. Any body heard this news? Please kindly update. Sampath or Warren did you guys heard about the news?

  113. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Hi Jagadeesh,
    I haven’t heard anything as such.
    I hope they do not start services to Coimbatore since it will spoil the chances of Silk Air getting a big crowd. I do hope they commence a service to Dubai, London or elsewhere. But, I cant remember where I read that some international airlines are looking into commencing more flights sooner or later.
    With Coimbatore’s massive growth in all sectors, I will not be surprised if more international airlines are added this year or the years to come.
    Also, I read somewhere that Coimbatore is now climbed up to 17th place in BPO in the World.

  114. Warren Ezekiel Says:

    Air Asia to Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchi
    Tiruchi in December, Coimbatore, Madurai later

  115. sridhar Says:

    when the silkair increase their frequency to coimbatore

  116. sridhar Says:

    In 2009 any more international flights to coimbatore airport

  117. Shyam Says:

    Whenther any other new airline connecting Coimbatore this year? And any new destinations?

  118. sampathkumar Says:

    No news about new airlines. But already Srilankan withdraw its service to coimbatore from january.
    As of now only two airlines operating to coimbatore. AirArabia and Silkair.
    No sight of development works in airport.
    Even the new director didnt take charge in coimbatore. He is still in mangalore.
    How the development works will carry forward?

  119. Warren Says:

    Air Asia to fly to Coimbatore
    ref: The Star

  120. sampathkumar Says:

    Thats good news warren..
    Thanks for your info

  121. Warren Says:

    Coimbatore airport runway now 9,500 ft
    Ref: The Hindu April 23, 2009

  122. Warren Says:

    Hopefully there will be flights to Europe and the US now since the runway can handle wide-bodied aircraft. Also, many travel to the US and Europe from the Coimbatore region.

  123. Shyam Says:

    The 400-metre extended runway at Coimbatore Airport will be put into use when the first aircraft will land there at 5.30 a.m. on Thursday.

    The total length of the runway (2,590 metres) has been extended to 2,990 metres, i.e., by 1,000 feet from 8,500 feet to 9,500 feet approximately.

    Airport Director M.R. Vasudeva told The Hindu that the threshold of lighting and Instrument Landing System (ILS) would continue only for the 2,590 metres until the obstacles were removed for installation of the threshold lighting.

    The extended runway would be on the other side i.e., runway 05 side.

    The extended runway would help in easy landing of wide-bodied and fat-bellied aircraft such as 767 ER and Boeing 737-900, Mr. Vasudeva said.

    There will be no load restrictions in terms of passengers, cargo and fuel for airplanes from Thursday. From now on every aircraft can have 15 to 20 additional passengers on board and similarly additional two tonnes of cargo.

    Besides, there will not be any restrictions on the fuel storage levels in the aircraft.

    The airport runway can now accommodate landing and takeoff of aircraft with up to 204 tonnes approximately. Earlier the load capacity of the aircraft was 160 tonnes.
    Expansion plans

    The extended runway comes in the existing land available with the airport as part of the expansion plans already under progress.

    The future runway expansion for up to 10,500 to 11,000 feet depends on land acquisition process.

    The work on extension of the apron will be completed by October.

    The existing apron has five parking bays and one isolation bay for aircraft with security perception. On completion of the additional apron work, the airport will have eight parking bays and one isolation bay and this will enable the airport to handle more aircraft during peak traffic hours.

    Similarly, the parallel taxiway work was facing problems owing to the need for shifting of power lines and once the work is completed by October or November, the time taken by aircraft i.e., the runway utilisation time, will come down, facilitating quick landing and takeoff.


  124. Coimbatore Airport hopes to get ISO certification Says:

    Coimbatore Airport, which is witnessing growth of aircraft and passenger movements in leaps and bounds, is all set to get ISO 9001 quality re-certification in 20 days.

    Coimbatore Airport had been on a growth trajectory for quite some time and during 2008-2009 it had handled 10 lakh passengers. Aircraft movement (landing and takeoff) was 14,271 in the same period. The airport that had only domestic operations all along recently began international services to Dubai, Singapore and Colombo. The airport had only flights to domestic destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi has now launched flights to Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa and Kolkata and Hyderabad. The airport is now almost functional round-the-clock with international operations at late night and early morning.

    Airport Director M.R. Vasudeva told The Hindu that on May 19 and 20 a two-member team from Chennai-based firm GCAS specialising in quality certification did the pre-certification procedures, inspections and documentations.

    The team on June 4 again carried out the final procedures for recommending re-certification. Mr. Vasudeva said the team was satisfied with the systems in place and was recommending ISO 9001 quality re-certification for the airport. The certificate was expected after a fortnight, he said.

    The GCAS members concentrated on services at the airport such as air traffic services, fire service station, cargo handling, communication and navigation, commercial operations, terminal management and passenger amenities.

    Following the certification the airport staff would have to ensure that there was no deterioration of services or standards affecting passengers.

    Ultimately it would help in maintaining standards and levels of service at the airport thus benefiting air travellers considerably, he said.


  125. Warren Says:

    FlyDubai will be starting Coimbatore flights

  126. sridhar Says:

    can silkair operate daily flights to singapore – coimbatore.

  127. Warren Says:

    Flydubai videos

    The airline will be flying to Coimbatore soon.



  128. Flydubai announces flights to India Says:

    Flydubai has announced its flight to India in their website..

    From 13 July 2009, flydubai four times a week between Dubai and Lucknow.

    From 14 July 2009, flydubai three times a week between Dubai and Coimbatore.

    From 23 July 2009, flydubai daily between Dubai and Chandigarh

    Source :

  129. Warren Says:

    Thanks for the information on Flyduabi commencing Coimbatore flights on July 14.

  130. Warren Says:

    I cant see the places in India mentioned when I go on to the Flydubai home page.

  131. Warren Says:

    Bookings have commenced for Flydubai Coimbatore Dubai flights

  132. Shyam Says:

    Yes, and the fares are same as AirArabia.

    Its timings are, Departs Dubai at 18.55 on every Tuesday,Thurday & Saturday and arrives Coimbatore at 00.35 on next day… Similarly the return flight departs Coimbatore at 01.20 on every Wednesday,Friday & Sunday and arrives the same day in Dubai at 03.45hrs.

  133. sampathkumar Says:

    It is very nice to see that coimbatore can attract more private airlines even though airport haven’t modernised yet.

    That is the potential of coimbatore

  134. Shyam Says:

    Bahrain Air to expand in India

    Bahrain Air is looking to expand its footprints in towns and cities such as Trichy, Delhi, Coimbatore, Mangalore and Nagpur, among others, to tap travellers to the Middle East. V R Santosh, country manager India, said on Tuesday, “We have plans to expand operations from (Trichy, Mangalore and Delhi) but can only do so after the government’s approval.”

    The carrier also started daily flights between Mumbai and Bahrain, its third connection after Calicut and Cochin.

    Santosh said, “There is enough labour traffic from these towns travelling to the Middle East and we expect to get good load factors.” From Calicut and Cochin, it gets loads factors of 70-75%, he added. Even in these times of slowdown, the Middle East sector is one of the most profitable. Many airlines have started services on the sector.

    While bigger carriers such as Etihad Airways and
    Emirates Airlines are the major operators on the sector, new airlines such as Air Arabia also connect Indian cities to the Middle East. Domestic carriers like Jet Airways and Kingfisher, too, are looking to increase services on this sector.

    Bahrain Air is positioning itself as a low-cost airline that also offers premium class seats. This, the airline expects, will differentiate its services. “There is a possibility of low cost structure and lower fares in premium class as well, which is what we are exploring,” said Bart C J Schellens, director (commercial operations), Bahrain Air.

    Source :

  135. DelipoyrazNET Says:

    hurda ara? bilgileri

  136. Raj Says:

    The Hindu reports that Civil aviation ministry has approved a new airport for Karaikal. A big airport. I think it will have international flights as well because the runway is going to be 12000 ft. It will benefit Pondicherry, Nagore and Vailankanni travellers.
    Madurai airport will see international flights soon as well.

  137. Raj Says:

    Coimbatore to have international airport by 2014 : The Times of India

  138. Venkatesh Says:

    Whether any new airline connecting Coimbatore with Domestic or International destinations? What about Flydubai and Bahrain Air plans connecting Coimbatore?

  139. Cuc Mcravin Says:

    Thank you for writing unique and interesting content. This is a very informative article. I concur with a lot of your views in this writing.

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    […]SilkAir`s Coimbatore operations likely by `08 « Touch Base with Indian A&D Industry[…]…

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